‘They gave us water. It’s just not drinkable’: Jackson, MS water crsis continues

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150,000 people are still without drinkable water in Jackson, Mississippi.

Weeks after massive flooding, they still can’t even do dishes or brush their teeth with the water coming from their faucets.

We spoke to a woman named Patricia Anderson here in Jackson, Mississippi. She tells me she boils the tap water and puts bleach in it just to wash her dishes.

”Boil the water and put bleach in it, it will kill any germs you gotta bleach it.” Anderson said.

Anderson cooks for her family here. She says washing the dishes can be a hassle, but she is keeping them done as she can. She showed us what the water coming out of her faucet looks like.

”They gave us water. It’s just not drinkable, you see it changing, you can see the color changing,” Anderson said.

Anderson tells us she goes to get water at places around the city, but she worries about people around town who can’t get out and get it. She tells us she won’t even give the water out of the tap to her dog.

”The dog gets potable water. he was drinking bottled water, he gets potable water…no dogs don’t drink that.” Anderson said. We spoke to one man who told us that he probably wouldn’t trust the water ever again.

Wayne Branch of Jackson tells us he just got back from Memphis. He says instead of water, in some cases, he is opting for beer.

”Yeah it is a little cheaper, yeah I will drink me a beer instead of some of the water here in Mississippi,” said Branch.

Branch said. Branch showed us the water in his bathroom sink. While it came out clear Tuesday, he said Monday it came out dirty looking.

He says this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

”Well I have been dealing with it for years like this it has just gotten worse,” Branch said.

He has stored water in his laundry room just in case. that way if he needs it he doesn’t have to run out and get it. “Buying the water from the store and people donate water, I wash my face and brush my teeth with the water,” Branch said.

The recent water crisis after massive flooding is just the latest in years of issues with Jackson’s water system.

It has local, state, and federal leaders looking at options, but so far nothing that provides residents with the water they need.

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