Gaza cafe serves up lessons in recycling

This Gaza cafe serves up lessons in recycling alongside drinks

It was built by local playwright Ali Mhana and a group of friends

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ARTIST HELPING IN UPSCALING MATERIALS FOR ASSOCIATION, YAHIA ABU SAQER, SAYING:"We are here today at 'The Sea is Ours Association'. We are recycling solid wastes that are like old glass, old clothes, metal containers, things that are viewed as useless, we work on changing how people perceive it, so instead of it being waste, it becomes beautiful objects, and people can then change their perception towards it."

It's known as "The Sea is Ours" Community Association

and also houses a library, theater, and open event spaces

Customers can rent the space for events

and volunteer to clean the beach as payment

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FOUNDER OF COMPLEX OF THE "THE SEA IS OURS" ASSOCIATION AND OWNER OF CAFE MADE OUT OF RECYCLED PIECES, ALI MHANA SAYING:"Entering this association does not require a fee, but the family that wants to visit the association should bring any type of solid waste that they have at home, like old clothes, kitchen utensils, glass water bottles, jars."

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