Gaza Health Facilities Damaged in Airstrikes

A Palestinian Health Ministry building and the Al-Remal Martyrs Clinic next door were damaged in Israeli airstrikes on Monday, May 17, the ministry said.

Local news reports said the strikes also hit the residential Al-Shawa building.

Footage filmed by Gaza-based photographer Mohammed Abo Oun shows ambulances and multiple damaged buildings.

“Many of our colleagues were injured during the occupation’s bombing of the ministry building and the al-Remal clinic,” said Palestinian Health Minister Dr Mai al-Kaila as quoted in a post by the ministry on Facebook. The work in the only central laboratory for COVID-19 testing in the Gaza Strip was also stopped, the ministry said.

The ministry said more than 220 people had been killed as of Monday.

The Israel Defense Forces said they identified around 190 rocket launches from Gaza on Monday, and said at least 10 Israelis have been killed in the conflict in the last week. Credit: Mohammed Abo Oun via Storyful

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