GCHS Science Fair winners 2022

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May 28—GREENSBURG — The following students were winners in the 2022 Greensburg community High School Science Fair.

Life Science

1. Bailey Ebbing: Blood Glucose Level Changes in Workouts

2. Macey Smith: Does Music Tempo Change Exercise Rate?

3. Abigail Hoeing and Matthew Stewart: Vitamin C Levels in Juice Drinks

Physical Science

1. Kole Stephens: Does Stress Improve Speed and Performance?

2. Klayton Feldman and Alyssa Willard: Age and Gender Memory via the Stroop Effect

3. Jenna Foster and Kenedee Lowe: Color and Peripheral Vision Correlation

Environmental Science

1. Emilee Ernstes: Lightwave Effects on Plant Growth

2. Jonathan Flinn: Emmert's Law and Lunar Appearance

3. Ethan Amburgey: Martian Soil's Ability to Support Plant Growth

Overall Grand Champion-Bailey Ebbing

Honorable Mention

Delilah Collins and Johnathon Ralston: Correlation between Vision and Taste Sensors

Emma Walsman: Raising Brine Shrimp in Various Environments

Karigan Acton and Granger Maxwell: Thermal Effectiveness of Water Bottles

Sarah Stapp: Shape Determination and The Stroop Effect

Shayelyn Hess and Isabelle Morris: Density Impact on Sound Wavelengths

Special Thanks

First Federal Savings and Loan, Jim Saler and Melissa Wade-for their generous continued financial support.

Steven Webster and Dennis Spears, for judging the projects.

Jason Robbins, for all the technical requirements of this year. — Information provided