Geistown attorney Smith announces bid for Cambria judge

Jan. 21—EBENSBURG, Pa. — Cambria County attorney Brett Smith has announced his bid for one of two open seats on the Cambria County Court of Common Pleas bench.

Smith, a Sidman native, is a Forest Hills High School graduate and a graduate of St. Francis University and Duquesne University School of Law. He also obtained his MBA from Valparaiso University.

Smith, a registered Republican, intends to cross-file for the primary election.

He has been a private practice attorney in Geistown Borough for 13 years and he currently serves as solicitor for Cambria County Crime Stoppers, Portage Township, West Carroll Water Authority and Adams Township Zoning Hearing Board.

He previously served as a part-time public defender for Cambria County for eight years and as a court-appointed conflict counsel.

"People are concerned about violent crimes in their neighborhoods," Smith said. "As a constitutional conservative, I'm committed to life, freedom and the rule of law so everyone can build a good life here."

Smith said that a judge who can fairly apply the law as written is needed.

"We need a judge who will go by the book and apply the law fairly as it is written," he said.

"We all want the same things, for hard-working, law- abiding citizens to have their children secure in schools and to live in safe neighborhoods."

Smith resides in Adams Township with his wife, Dr. Jennifer Silvis.