This Gel Exfoliator Sells Every 4.5 Seconds in Japan — and It’s Been Called ‘Magic’ in a Bottle

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Developing a skincare routine is not the same for everyone. Some might follow a stringent multi-step method every morning and evening that they’ll never skip out on, while others might use little more than soap and sunscreen. Regardless of which group you fall into, there’s one key step that should be a part of every regimen: exfoliation.

There are two types of exfoliation — chemical and physical. The former may use acids like glycolic or salicylic to scrub off dead skin cells, while the latter uses material like salt, sugar, or crystal beads. If you have sensitive skin or are worried that physical exfoliation may cause irritation, the top-rated Toyo Cure Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator should be on your radar. The chemical exfoliator sells every 4.5 seconds in Japan, according to the brand, and it might just change the way you think about exfoliation forever.

“Is it even necessary to exfoliate?” you might be asking yourself. The answer is a resounding yes, according to Natalie Aguilar, celebrity facialist and dermatological nurse. It’s a skincare step that’s great for all skin types and reaps endless benefits.

“For one, we can remove the dead, dull layer that can make us appear dry and tired and make the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles look worse,” Aguilar tells PEOPLE. But getting rid of that dead layer of skin doesn’t only improve your complexion; it also makes the rest of your skincare products work more effectively.

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“When you exfoliate, you make it easier for your skincare products to penetrate as they are no longer being blocked by a dead layer of skin,” Aguilar says. “This allows your skin to absorb and use nutrients found in your skincare… Without exfoliation, we are wasting our cream by trying to hydrate a dead layer of skin that won’t retain moisture!”

What’s more, regular exfoliation also helps alleviate common skincare frustrations like acne, clogged pores, and blackheads. You should be exfoliating year-round, and especially in the summer, as heat and humidity tend to cause more breakouts for some.

Toyo’s Cure Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator has earned close to 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and is an easy, non-irritating way to scrub off those pesky dead skin cells. No physical exfoliants are used in this particular product — just an impressive cocktail of glycerin (which acts as a natural exfoliator and has anti-aging and hydration benefits), hydrogen water, aloe, and gingko and rosemary extracts. The formula reacts with dead skin cells, gently lifting them away for fresh, clean, baby-soft skin.

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Using the gel exfoliator is oh-so-simple. So simple, in fact, you’ll have no problem working it into your routine, even if you do have a more laissez-faire approach to skincare. Just apply it to clean and dry skin, let the gel soak in for about 30 seconds, and then use gentle circular motions to work it in. Small white gunk (i.e., dead skin cells) will start to appear — and yes, it’s as satisfying as it sounds. Wash it all off with lukewarm water, and your skin will be cleaner, softer, and more youthful-looking than before.

Once you have it, you’ll understand why this aqua gel exfoliator is so popular in its native Japan. The results are instant, and the product is so effective at cleaning pores, targeting acne, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and, of course, polishing skin that Amazon shoppers are practically deeming it a miracle.

“This stuff is magic! I get totally grossed out every time I use it because of how much dead skin and whatever else comes off,” writes one customer. “I use it once a week, just one pump so this stuff goes a long way and lasts a long time. I love the way my skin feels after. So soft and fresh.”

“I have extremely oily skin, and as I aged, I noticed I was getting pinhead blackheads all over my face and my pores increased as well,” writes another Amazon shopper. “I purchased this for exfoliating, and after a month of use… my face was looking so much better, blackheads gone, pores shrinking back to normal, plus side acne scarring is diminishing as well. I would give [the aqua gel exfoliator] a much higher rating than five stars.”

At $38 a bottle, it’s on par with other customer-loved skincare products on the market. Shop the top-rated gel exfoliator today for better, more youthful-looking skin tomorrow.

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