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Saturday 18, January

Today's lunar energy is excellent for all of your long term goals, wishes and plans. Be sure to surround yourself with people who have your back and avoid those who are competing with you. You know better than to complicate your life for unnecessary reasons. Keep it simple.

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Friday 17, January

The Moon lights up your house of work today and puts you in the mood to break through your own blocks with deadlines and to-do lists. Try a unique and even experimental approach to getting out of your own way. You don't have to remain stuck in the old modalities anymore, darling.

Thursday 16, January

The Moon continues to light up your house of love and romance, Gemini. You've got everything you need at the moment with your ruling planet now in his favorite sign of the zodiac bringing you all the brilliance.. Pleasure is in abundant flow as long as you don't let fears creep in and steal your joy. Be the master of your own mind.

Wednesday 15, January

Your hermit mode continues for one more day, Gemini. However, by this evening you're back in a romantic groove. The Moon will move into your house of romance and pleasure and get you out of any recent antisocial feelings. Yes, you'll be right back to your glorious and flirtatious self, bb.

Tuesday 14, January

The stars are all about practicality, efficiency and a little bit of hiding out, Gemini. Yes, you need time alone to geek out and catch up on your work. You're happiest when immersed in what you love to do most: create, research and envision the next steps in your dream career.

Monday 13, January

The Moon is lighting up your house of communication for one last day and making you want to speak your mind, heart and soul at every opportunity. The only problem is that you're likely faced with feisty opposition to your ideas, beliefs and opinions. You'll have to keep your wits about you.

Sunday 12, January

Today's Saturn-Pluto conjunction is NOT kidding around, Gemini, and it's also setting off your ruler Mercury, currently hovering close to both planets. There is a heaviness in the air but it should remind you of deep transformation you're truly capable of. Don't shy away from powerful changes.

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