Gemma Collins disgusts fans with 'scratch and sniff' move in 'Diva Forever'

Amy West

Gemma Collins left Diva Forever viewers “disgusted” after she scratched her crotch and told a member of her entourage to sniff her hand in the most recent episode.

During the latest instalment of the controversial reality series, the former TOWIE star retired to her hotel room at Mottram Hall in Cheshire after a day of meetings and while she was relaxing on the bed, she made a very candid admission.

“My vagina is on fire, man,” she told stylist Lucas. “Sorry I’ve got to air it. I’ve got to itch it, sorry. I feel like I’m getting an infection.”

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The 38-year-old then lifted the skirt of her leopard print dress, fondled around for a bit and then thrust her hand in Lucas’s face.

“It stinks, doesn’t it? It just smells of bread,” she said.

“Cheap knickers is what gives you thrush. It’s a yeast infection, we need some Canesten,” a surprisingly calm Lucas responded, to which Collins replied: “It’s killing me. Can we get a runner to go out and get me some Canesten?”

Gemma Collins disgusted fans in last night's 'Diva Forever' when she scratched her crotch and got her stylist to smell her hand (ITV)

Those tuning in could hardly believe what they were had witnessed, and took to social media after it had finished to share their reactions towards the “vile” scene.

“Just watched Gemma Collins scratch her foof and make poor Lucas smell her fingers,” one Twitter used said. “What is life?”

“I was DISGUSTED after Gemma Collins scratches her 'stinky' crotch and makes stylist sniff her hand over worries her 'cheap knickers' have given her thrush. Gemma is disgraceful,” another wrote.

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“Honest to god right, this new Gemma Collins show is actually vile,” a third tweeted.

“Used to think she was funny but she’s literally scratching her vagina on national tv saying it smells of bread and thinks she’s got an infection, I feel violated.”

Gemma Collins: Diva Forever continues on 21 August at 9pm on ITVBe.