Gen Z can pinpoint Millennials by this simple hand gesture

Gen Z has a lot to say about millennials. The younger generation has taken swipes at skinny jeans, blonde hair, and even their favourite childhood franchise, but now they have pinpointed a new way to tell the generations apart.

In a video posted to TikTok, user @zoii.tsa posted a video of cafe workers with the caption “Gen Z vs. millennial”.

The video, which has been viewed 3.9m times, shows workers in a cafe being asked to do a specific hand signal with overlaying text that reads: “Guess the millennial.”

The person filming the video is walking around asking her co-workers to complete the heart hand sign she is making.

She is using her middle finger and index finger to make the heart, and most of her co-workers use the same two fingers to complete their half of the hand sign.

However, one of the co-workers uses her index finger and her thumb to complete the other half of the heart, which implies that she is the millennial.

Millennial TikTok users were quick to respond to the video, with one person writing: “The Gen Z way is so awkward.”

Another said: “My fingers don’t even fold the Gen Z way – too old.”

While another added: “Not me, an elder millennial legit practicing this move so if anyone ever does it to me I’m READY.”

Others said they “got a finger cramp” doing it the Gen Z way, and that the new way was “so much harder”.