Gen Z TikTok Influencers Wage War Against Amazon With 'People Over Prime Pledge'

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Various Gen Z TikTok creators are coming together and taking the “People Over Prime Pledge” in an effort to support the Amazon Labor Union and condemn the company’s notoriously hostile workplace culture.

Approximately 70 TikTok influencers have made the pledge, which is focused on essentially promising to boycott Amazon until workers’ demands — including $30/hr. minimum wage and increased paid time off — are met.

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Gen Z For Change, an advocacy group that often works with content creators, coordinated the pledge, and this coalition definitely means business.

“Amazon’s widespread mistreatment of their workers and blatant use of union busting tactics will no longer be tolerated by the TikTok Community,” a statement from Gen Z For Change reads, according to The Washington Post.

“TikTok is very powerful. It controls the narrative on issues, and Amazon knows that,” Elise Joshi, the deputy executive director of Gen Z For Change, added, according to the outlet. “If you’re making content for Amazon, the hope is that there will be thousands of comments calling you out.”

This campaign also responds to the Amazon Influencer Program, which the company unveiled back in 2017.

Through the Amazon Influencer Program, social media stars can earn revenue from specific products they recommend to their audiences. The company also recently tried sweetening the offer by flying select influencers out for a luxurious vacation.

However, Gen Z TikTok stars are here to let Amazon know that they see through the company’s facade.

“I think their method of offering influencers life-changing payouts to make them feel as if they need to work with them while also refusing to pay their workers behind the scenes is extremely wrong,” Emily Rayna Shaw, a 24-year-old content creator who’s previously partnered with Amazon, said, The Washington Post reports.

“I want to feel comfortable recommending Amazon products to my community because it is so reliable, but I can’t do so until I know that they are treating their workers fairly,” she continued.

Jackie James, a 19-year-old TikToker, similarly expressed that she has no intentions of working with Amazon until the company ushers in real, meaningful change.

“As an influencer, it’s important to choose the right companies to work with,” James said, according to the outlet. “I don’t think that workers should be treated the way they are under Amazon.”

While the Amazon Labor Union didn’t have a role in organizing the “People Over Prime Pledge,” interim president Chris Smalls shared that the effort has the coalition’s support and will help to put additional pressure on Amazon.

“It’s a good fight to take on because Amazon definitely is afraid of how we used TikTok during our campaigns,” Smalls noted.

“One of our best tools is awareness and influence,” Duncan Joseph, a 19-year-old content creator, proclaimed, The Washington Post reports. “Making this public decision as an influencer will help the people who watch our videos understand what’s going on and how unfair Amazon’s practices are.”

What do you think about the overall situation?