General Staff: Ukrainian aircraft launch airstrikes on Russian forces in Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts


On the 104th day of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Russian army is continuing to storm the city of Sievierodonetsk. Ukrainian helicopters carried out airstrikes on Russian forces in Kherson Oblast and Ukrainian planes attacked Russian ammunition depots in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 06:00 on 7 June

Details: On the Volyn and Polissia fronts, there is a threat of missile and air strikes from the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Belarus is planning to increase the size of its army.

Russia did not undertake active combat operations on the Sivershchyna front. There is no evidence that Russia is forming assault groups on this front.

Russia continues to demonstratively deploy up to three battalion tactical groups in the areas of Bryansk and Kursk oblasts of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border in order to prevent the redeployment of the Ukrainian Defence Forces to other fronts.

Intensive mortar attacks have been carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation on the village of Khodyne and the town of Velyka Pysarivka in Sumy Oblast (Ukraine).

On the Kharkiv front, Russia’s main efforts are focused on maintaining its previously occupied positions and the areas near the Ukrainian-Russian border to the north of Kharkiv. Russian troops continue their attempts to hold back the advance of the Ukrainian troops.

Russian troops are continuing to use remote mining systems to plant mines along the route of the Ukrainian troops’ advance on Rubizhne.

On the Sloviansk front, Russian forces have focused their main efforts on continuing their offensive on Izium and Sloviansk. They are also trying to advance on the villages of Dovhenke and Dolyna.

Russian troops are continuing to fire on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the areas around Bazalivka, Brazhivka, and Hrushuvakha. Russian UAVs are conducting aerial reconnaissance in order to confirm the positions of the Ukrainian units and adjust artillery fire.

On the Donetsk front, in addition to carrying out artillery shelling, Russian forces deployed helicopters and planes to conduct airstrikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops. Russia’s main efforts are focused on the Sievierodonetsk and Bakhmut fronts.

On the Lyman front, Russia did not conduct any active combat operations, but has launched an airstrike on the village of Mykolaivka, 4km to the east of Sloviansk.

Russian forces continue to storm the city of Sievierodonetsk, where fighting is continuing. Ukrainian troops are inflicting losses on the Russian occupation forces.

On the Bakhmut front, Ukrainian troops have successfully held back the advance of Russian troops on the villages of Nahirne, Berestove, Krynychne, and Roty.

Russia is redeploying units of its troops in the areas of Popasna and Mykolaivka in order to strengthen its military presence in those areas.

No active combat operations took place on the Avdiivka, Kurakhove, Novopavlivske, and Zaporizhzhia fronts.

On the Pivdennyi Buh front, Russia has focused its main efforts on improving its tactical position, maintaining its current positions, and replenishing ammunition and fuel supplies.

Quote from the General Staff: "Ukrainian helicopters have attacked groupings of the enemy forces in Kherson Oblast, while [Ukrainian - ed.] planes have conducted an airstrike on ammunition depots in Mykolaiv Oblast. The enemy has lost over 20 personnel and 10 pieces of military equipment.

The enemy conducted an artillery-supported assault operation in the direction of Lozove – Bila Krynytsia in order to reclaim lost positions, but was unsuccessful. The enemy has used UAVs to conduct aerial reconnaissance and confirm the positions of our troops."

Details: Three Russian ships currently positioned in the waters of the Black Sea prepared to deploy the Kalibr cruise missiles they are carrying.

Over the past 24 hours, the servicemen and women defending Ukraine have repulsed 10 Russian attacks and destroyed 1 tank, 3 artillery systems, 2 armoured combat vehicles, 1 vehicle, and 2 ammunition depots in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts alone. Ukrainian Air Defence Forces have shot down 2 Orlan-10 UAVs.