‘Genius!’ Check out the meat-vending machine outside this Florida butcher shop

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Florida meat lovers, we found your happy place.

If you want to avoid the crowds in the supermarket or local butcher, head on over to Tampa — where you can shop for your favorite protein through a plexiglass window and make your choice.

Outside the Boozy Pig Butcher Shop in Tampa, a snack-like vending machine offers up both the raw and the cooked: everything from Italian sausage and steak to pork and burgers. There’s also smoked bacon, beef jerky and other keto-friendly goodies.

Unlike most restaurants, the temperature-controlled smart machine is open for business 24/7.

If you’re worried about your food getting spoiled in Florida’s unpredictable weather, shop owner Andrew Tambuzzo told WFLA that if the temperature goes above 41 degrees for more than 20 minutes, the whole thing shuts down.

Perhaps, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures, the do-it-yourself machine (which takes all credit cards plus Apple Pay) has been quite popular as a selfie spot.

“I get quite a few people wanting to take a picture in front of it or quite a few people wanting to buy something out of it, even though we’re open and that same product is available inside,” Tambuzzo said. “They like the novelty of it.”

Commenters under the Instagram post seem impressed.



“Love those guys and that innovative way to get meat to people in these crazy times!!”

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