19 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

·2 min read

If you're having a bad week, just remember...

1. The person who is going to have to Flintstones their way home:

2. The person who now has to dismantle their mailbox to get their package:

3. The person who is enjoying their cold-pressed extra fly olive oil:

4.The person whose toddler learned a very valuable lesson today:

toddler opened up the sunroof durinig a snow storm

5. The person who had their home overtaken by the worst roommates:

6. The person who is now a squirrel landlord:

7. The person who has got to stop getting their cups from the Magician Emporium:

8. The person who was so kind to donate their food to the local dog community:

9. The person who decided to spruce up their stairs Jackson Pollock style:

10. The person who got a fun l'il surprise in their can o' peas:

11. Ol' Iron Toenails:

12. The person who is now stuck forever:

13. The person who met a brand new furry friend:

14. The person who will forever be stuck with this goop:

15. The person who will never trust paint again:

16. The person who made the world's saltiest ice cream:

17. The person who got probably the second closest thing to a keyboard:

18. The person whose washing machine is foaming at the dang mouth:

19. And the person who had a little extra spice in their meal:


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