Geodis Strengthens Supply Chain Visibility Platform

As more businesses demand better intelligence within their supply chain, Geodis is amplifying its visibility capabilities in kind.

The global logistics network is looking to beef up its bespoke visibility platform, Geodis Visibility, a real-time solution launched in 2020 to provide users with 360-degree data views across multiple areas of the supply chain. By offering data feeds and updates on inventory levels, order statuses and shipment locations, Geodis wants to help e-commerce retailer and brand partners better monitor their logistics performance.

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The French transportation and logistics giant, which covers nearly 170 countries worldwide, said the platform is integrating data and parcel tracking capabilities from delivery experience management company Parcel Perform. On its own, the standalone Parcel Perform platform can streamline location, language and time zone data with information such as AI-generated estimated delivery dates, proof-of-delivery, shipping service and more.

The relationship combines the best of Geodis’ third-party logistics (3PL) expertise with Parcel Perform’s data expertise and capabilities. Both companies aim to improve carrier visibility, shipment efficiency and customer growth by empowering Geodis users in America with comprehensive data.

“Our relationship with Parcel Perform and integrating their data capabilities into our Geodis Visibility platform reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with the highest levels of supply chain visibility and control,” said Pal Narayanan, executive vice president, chief information officer, Geodis in Americas. “Together with Parcel Perform, we’re now able to offer our customers even more comprehensive solutions, enabling them to monitor their supply chain operations and remedy immediate action to resolve issues that may arise. As a result, they’ll benefit from more efficient operations, greater transparency and a better overall experience.”

The news comes as importers actively seek out data that will help them know where their goods are in the supply chain at any given time. According to a survey from Freightos Data, 60 percent of BCOs (beneficial cargo owners, the importers of the shipment) and freight forwarders said they expect to be more engaged with market intelligence data after the supply chain stabilizes.

Yet while the need for visibility persists, these technologies aren’t widely deployed as they should be. A January study from Descartes indicated that 47 percent of supply chain and logistics executives have implemented sophisticated visibility tech within their truckload transportation and air freight operations. Another 46 percent have introduced these capabilities into their rail transportation, while the same amount brought the technology to ocean freight.

“The enhanced visibility and data-driven insights that Parcel Perform brings to the table will enable Geodis to improve their e-commerce offerings while providing a further competitive differentiation in the market,” said Dana von der Heide, founder and chief commercial officer at Parcel Perform, in a statement. “By bringing together our respective strengths, Parcel Perform will empower Geodis to drive more commercial growth and logistics efficiency for global e-commerce retailers and brands.”

In integrating Parcel Perform’s capabilities into its visibility platform, Geodis continues to extend its own slate of offerings, which extends across five lines of businesses: supply chain optimization; global freight forwarding; global contract logistics; distribution and express delivery; and its European road transportation network for full and partial truckloads.

Already aggregating data from 1,015 global carrier partners, the Singapore-headquartered Parcel Perform can now get its data and delivery experience platform capabilities in front of a much wider audience—with Geodis having a direct physical presence in more than 60 countries.

In 2022, Geodis, generated 13.7 billion euros ($14.9 billion) in revenue, up 19 percent from the year perior. For comparison, a similarly sized logistics business in the U.S. would be Expeditors International, which generated $17.1 million in revenue last year.

Earlier this month, Geodis opened a new warehouse in the U.K. for online retailers looking to outsource their logistics operations. The 75,000-square-foot facility, located in Coventry, England, can store more than 500,000 SKUs and can process up to 5,000 orders per day.

This eLogistics warehouse is the sixth of its kind for Geodis, which has also opened one each in the U.S., France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. According to Jean-Pierre Juteau, head of Geodis eLogistics Europe, the new eLogistics facility will allow online stores, marketplaces and other e-commerce platforms to better develop their businesses in a new geographical zone close to local markets.

As soon as a buyer places an order online, the eLogistics teams take over the preparation and shipping of the order and any returns, Geodis said. Online merchants can track the progress of their business and their orders in real time with Geodis Visibility.

Geodis recently expanded its direct-to-customer cross-border delivery service offering by opening two new airport gateway facilities in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The expansion complements the service it already offers out of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Geodis MyParcel, which is the company’s small parcel delivery service from the U.S. to 26 European continental countries, the U.K. and Canada, is operating the two gateways so it can have more capacity to process and handle small parcel shipments, cutting first-mile costs and time in transit. The added gateways support Geodis’ efforts to expand the MyParcel service into Australia, New Zealand and Mexico in the near future.

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