George Clooney to Host Another Obama Fundraiser — This Time in Switzerland

Madeleine Morgenstern
Obama Clooney


George Clooney, who last month pulled in a record $15 million for President Barack Obama’s re-election during a fundraiser at his home, will host two more events on the president’s behalf this summer — this time, in Switzerland.

The actor will attend an “Americans Abroad for Obama” event in Geneva on August 27. Charles Adams, the group’s co-president, told the Tribune de Genève newspaper that Clooney will speak at a reception for 150 supporters, followed by a smaller dinner for 50 people.

The cost of attendance? That would be $1,000 per person for the first event, and $20,000 per person (or $30,000 per couple) for the second.

According to Swiss news site The Local, Clooney took part in a similar event for Obama four years ago that brought in $900,000.

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