George Clooney spotlights recent visit to Puerto Rico with latest Nespresso spot

The latest installment of George Clooney's 15-year partnership with Nespresso is championing the company's new Reviving Origins program.

In a new 60-second clip released on Tuesday, the Oscar-nominated actor spotlights his recent visit to Puerto Rico following the devastating effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which destroyed 80 percent of the island's coffee harvest and trees. In it, he discusses how Nespresso is hoping to reverse that devastation.

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"Over the 15 years that I’ve worked with Nespresso, I have seen firsthand the impact of the company’s investments on coffee regions around the world and, more importantly, on generations of families," Clooney, who is a brand ambassador for the company, said in a press release. "Nespresso’s involvement in local coffee industries means that the rhythm of life can return to normal after conflict, natural disaster or other hardships."

Reviving Origins is Nespresso's effort to use coffee as a catalyst for revitalizing land, livelihoods and communities across the globe that have been affected by environmental, economic or political hardship. The company will invest $9.8 million over the next five years in an effort to spark economic development and coffee production in places like Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe and Colombia.