George Conway Envisions Nightmare Scenario Before Donald Trump’s Final Reckoning

George Conway predicted “the reckoning is finally coming” for Donald Trump.

The former president “is in a downward psychological, emotional and physical spiral” and “in all likelihood” will soon “be convicted of multiple felonies,” the conservative attorney said in a lengthy interview with Salon published Monday.

But the path to Trump’s final downfall won’t run smoothly for America, warned the husband of former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and fierce critic of his wife’s former boss.

Trump would rather “try to tear the country apart” by inciting violence among his followers than cop a plea deal in the multiple investigations he is facing, said Conway.

Essentially, Trump “is going to make things much worse in this country before things finally get better,” he added.

“In all likelihood, I believe that Trump gets the Republican nomination in 2024, unless he goes to prison before then,” Conway said. “If Trump is convicted or it looks like he is going to be, he will try to take down as many people as possible with him. That’s what malignant narcissists do.”

Read Conway’s full interview with Salon.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.