George Conway: I Think Rudy Giuliani Is In 'Deep S**t'

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Republican gadfly George Conway offered a frank assessment of what may be coming for Rudy Giuliani, the former personal attorney to ex-President Donald Trump whose business dealings are now being probed by the FBI.

“I think he’s in deep shit,” said Conway, a vocal Trump critic throughout his presidency despite his wife Kellyanne Conway’s lofty position in the administration, on Monday’s episode of The Daily Beast podcast “The New Abnormal.”

Federal agents seized electronic devices in raids on Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office last week. The investigation centers on the ousting of Marie Yovanovitch from her job as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, reported Reuters.

Giuliani denies wrongdoing.

But Conway said the fact the raids happened at all is a very bad signal for the former New York mayor.

“The Justice Department doesn’t like to execute search warrants on lawyers and the reason why they don’t like that is because they don’t want to get into messy disputes about attorney-client privilege,” explained Conway, a lawyer.

Conway detailed the extended process involved in obtaining search warrants on lawyers, involving specific permission from senior Justice Department officials.

“That tells you a lot here,” he added. “Because even though there’s a probable cause standard for any search warrant, where you have to show that there was probable cause that a crime was committed and that there’s a basis to believe that the executing the search warrant will provide evidence of that crime, in this case, they had to do much, much more than that.”

Check out Conway’s comments from the 5:55 mark here:


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