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George Floyd’s Coworkers Memorialize Him At ‘Place That Got Him On His Feet’

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Staff and residents at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center took time to honor George Floyd Tuesday, Reg Chapman reports (1:57). WCCO 4 News At 6 - May 25, 2021

Video Transcript

- Staff and residents at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center took time to honor George Floyd today. As Reg Chapman reports, Floyd worked there as a security guard.

DARLENE PHILLIPS: Is there anybody else that will have the memory that they would like to share?

REG CHAPMAN: Outside Harbor Light's staff and residents gathered to remember one of their own.

DARLENE PHILLIPS: Floyd was this a security guard. I actually trained Floyd.

REG CHAPMAN: Darlene Phillips says George Floyd helped brighten the lives of his friends, family, and community during his time on Earth.

DARLENE PHILLIPS: Floyd has changed the world. He didn't-- he didn't just change one city, one state, one police department. Floyd is changing the world. Anybody who sat back and watched it just spread all over the Earth, the different countries, different nations.

REG CHAPMAN: Staff members and their families gravitated to Floyd. Cortez Rice called him Uncle and says Floyd inspired him to do more for his community.

CORTEZ RICE: We just grew a relationship and grew up a bond where our kids were calling him Uncle. He always say, blood don't make your family. Loyalty does.

COURTNEY ROSS: This is a place that got him on his feet, people that gave out of their own pockets and out of their hearts to him.

REG CHAPMAN: Floyd's girlfriend, Courtney Ross, made sure to visit the people and place she says helped Floyd figure out his life had meaning. Seeing the t-shirts balloons and all the people Floyd called family come to honor him brought her to tears.

COURTNEY ROSS: It still like a dream and a nightmare all in one. A dream because all of this change and all these wonderful people support him. A nightmare for me because I still-- I miss him every day. Like, I-- I don't know that will ever go away.

REG CHAPMAN: Courtney says she hopes every heart mends with time from what happened a year ago, and she believes the impact George Floyd had on the city and nation will never go away. Reg Chapman, "WCCO 4 News".

- Harbor Light staff members say that they continue to work serving those experiencing homelessness, a form of activism for social justice. They believe that George would be proud of how they honor him every day in their work.