GEORGE FLOYD TRIAL: Vandals Smear Chauvin Defense Witness' Former Santa Rosa Home With Pig's Blood

Vandals Smear Chauvin Defense Witness' Former Santa Rosa Home With Pig's Blood

Video Transcript


- Now at 11:00 on KPIX 5 and streaming on CBSN Bay Area, a pig's head and blood thrown all over a North Bay home. How police say the crime is related to the George Floyd murder trial. Plus an Oakland father and baby dead after a house fire. Why police believe the blaze was no accident and how it could be connected to another murder. And violence breaking out near the California State Capitol tonight following a protest against police violence.

But we start with a North Bay home the target of vandals. Good evening. Jules is off tonight. That home was covered in blood. And a pig's head was left at the front door. Police say the homeowner was likely not the intended target. KPIX 5's Betty Yu is live in Santa Rosa tonight with how the crime is connected to a high-profile court case. Betty?

BETTY YU: That's right, Brian. Well, first, you can see that that blood has not been cleaned up at this hour. It is still splattered across the front of the home there. I did knock on the door. And the resident inside did not open it. Police say that she is the false targeted victim in this case. They tell us that the resident woke up to suspects dressed in all black, vandalizing the home. And they ran away as the victim called police.

Tonight, you can see what police say appears to be animal blood on the garage, the door, and the windows of a home where former Santa Rosa police officer Barry Brodd used to live. Police say a decapitated pig's head was also thrown on the front porch around 3:00 AM today. Police say Brodd has not worked for the Department since 2004 and no longer lives in California. And the victim appears to be falsely targeted.

BARRY BRODD: I felt that Derek Chauvin was justified and was acting with objective reasonableness.

BETTY YU: This past week, Brodd testified as a defense expert. He said that he believes Derek Chavin followed his police training when he knelt on George Floyd for more than nine minutes. The defense used him to paint a crowd of witnesses as a threat.

BARRY BRODD: I could see that Officer Chauvin's focus started to move from Mr. Floyd to the crowd. Until at one point, I think Officer Chauvin felt threatened enough that he withdrew his pepper spray canister and gave verbal commads to the crowd to stay back. So now he's dealing with a bigger threat.

BETTY YU: Prosecutors challenged that testimony by showing a video of the crowd around the scene. In downtown Santa Rosa, police say it appears the same vandals also targeted a large hand statue in front of the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall overnight. The suspects left a sign which had a picture of a pig. It has since been cleaned up. Police say suspects seen leaving the area matched the descriptions of the people who vandalized the West Santa Rosa house earlier in the night.

And Santa Rosa police say this former officer has not lived in this house for a number of years. Now, also this week, the chief said that Mr. Brodd's comments do not reflect the values and the beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police Department. Brian?