George Floyd's girlfriend testifies that he seemed 'broken' after his mother's death

During the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Thursday, George Floyd’s girlfriend Courteney Batya Ross testified that he seemed like "a shell of himself" and "broken" after his mother died.

Video Transcript

- At some point, when you knew Mr. Floyd, did you learn of his mother's death?


- Do you recall when that was?

COURTENEY BATYA ROSS: It was in May 2018.

- And did you see-- well, describe, if you would, for the jury what you saw his reaction to his mother's death.


COURTENEY BATYA ROSS: Pardon me. Um, [SNIFFLES] Floyd is, um-- Floyd's what I would call a mama's boy. I could tell from the minute I met him. And when he came back from Houston, um, he seemed kind of like a shell of himself, like he was-- like he was broken.

He seemed so sad. He didn't have the same kind of bounce that he had. [SNIFFLES] He was-- he was devastated.

He loved his mama so much, and I knew that. He talked about her all the time. [SNIFFLES] I knew how he felt. It's so hard to lose a parent that you love like that.