George Floyd's life celebrated at funeral, family calls for justice

Family and friends of George Floyd poured into a Houston, Texas church on Tuesday - to say an emotional final goodbye to the black man whose death at the hands of police gave rise to anti-racism protests around the world.

Gospel music filled The Fountain of Praise church as Floyd's family took turns at the mic to honor the 46-year-old.

George Floyd's aunt: "The world knows George Floyd, I know Perry Junior. He was a pesky little rascal but we all loved him."

George Floyd's brother: "I thank God for giving me my own personal superman."

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared via video recording at the funeral.. calling for racial justice.

"Why in this nation do too many black Americans wake up knowing that they could lose their life in the course of just living their life?"

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said the nation must address racism now.

"We must not turn away. We cannot leave this moment thinking we can once again turn away from racism that stings at our very soul.”

The Floyd family was also joined by those who share their grief: Family members of other black men killed in confrontations with white men.

Reverend Al Sharpton - who delivered the eulogy - asked the families of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and others to stand.

"They know better than anyone else the pain they will suffer from the loss they came through."

The Civil Rights Activist said Floyd's death was not 'just a tragedy. It was a crime.'

“Until we know the price for black life is the same as the price for white life, we’re gonna keep coming back to these situations over and over again.”

About 500 people were invited to Floyd's funeral, capping five days of memorial services in Minneapolis and North Carolina - two weeks after his death sparked mass protests world-wide.

Floyd’s body will be laid to rest next to his mother’s.