George Harrison's sister lives modestly in rural Missouri

Before George Harrison died in 2001, the rock icon and former member of the Beatles reportedly saw that his sister, Louise, was given a $2,000 per month pension a small sum given his more than $300 million fortune.

In an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Louise Harrison claims that pension ended after her brother died. Now 82, Harrison still works to support herself. However, she isn't upset about the arrangement. 

She told the Daily Mail, "I was never concerned about the termination of the pension, I have found a way to make a living."

She currently manages a Beatles tribute band called the "Liverpool Legends," who frequently perform at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

"I don't have any blame for anyone and I was brought up as a Harrison and to be self-reliant," she told the Daily Mail. 

Her brother, often referred to as the "quiet Beatle," lived in Friar Park, a 120-room mansion near London, with his wife and son. Louise told the Daily Mail she doesn't care about money and "doesn't mind not living in a castle because [she] would rather be broke than live rich and heartless."

And while she acknowledges that her finances can be problematic, she sees the positive in her situation.

"I am struggling for money, like everyone, but I am not on the breadline. I am not ‘skint’, as they would say in Britain. I feel very fortunate to own outright the land that my two homes sit on which is better than most,” she told the Daily Mail.

In 2001, Louise Harrison gave an interview with the "Better Show," where she spoke about her brother's legacy: