George HW Bush’s Pastor Says His Death Was Peaceful: ‘It Was A Beautiful End’

Melissa Binns

Former U.S. President George Bush visits a tent camp for earthquake survivors on the outskirts of Islamabad on January 17, 2006 in Pakistan.

The late George H.W. Bush had a peaceful send-off, People is reporting. Reverend Dr. Russell Levenson Jr., Bush’s long-time pastor, recounted the former president’s passing during an emotional eulogy at a state funeral in the National Cathedral on December 5. Bush was noticeably fading on November 30, prompting his best friend and former Secretary of State James Baker III to return with his wife to Bush’s side at his home in Houston for the third time that day. There, Baker rubbed Bush’s feet “for perhaps half an hour.” Baker could be seen crying in the pews as Levenson recalled the story.

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