George HW Bush Remembered As An ‘Old Friend’ In China For Ignoring Henry Kissinger’s Instructions

Naomi Kennedy

Former President George H.W. Bush shakes hands with young children in China that have received cleft lip surgery through Simle Train on November 15, 2005.

Former President George H.W. Bush had a lasting impression on millions of lives, and after his death on November 30, a number of people have paid their respects with words of praise and appreciation for the late president. One man that has offered his condolences is Chinese President Xi Jinping, who leads a country that the South China Morning Post reported “deeply respected” the former president — and one which considers him “an old friend.”

During a meeting with President Donald Trump at last week’s G20 Summit in Argentina, CNN noted that President Xi Jinping expressed that he was “greatly saddened” by the late president’s passing, and praised his role in improving the relationship between China and the United States.

The South China Morning Post also reported other international-relations experts speaking highly of Bush, including Pang Zhongying, who remembered the late president for his “lasting imprint on US-China ties with his tremendous job in forging closer relations since the early 1970s.”

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