George HW Bush’s Tough Stance On Israel Helped Bring Middle East Closer To Peace Than Ever Before

Rachel Dillin

former U.S. President George Bush speaks during a forum to discuss the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War, February 23, 2001

In his one term as president, the late George H.W. Bush took a tough stance on Israel. His policy helped bring the Middle East closer to a semblance of peace than any president ever did before or since.

According to the Huffington Post, Bush 41 helped orchestrate the first ever direct peace talks between Israel and Palestine. To help bring the meeting about, the former president threated United States aid to Israel, and he was the last U.S. president of either party to ever take such a firm stance with the country.

“Bush’s foreign policy legacy, especially on the issue of Israeli-Palestinian peace, cannot be overstated,” said Daniel Kurtzer, a longtime U.S. diplomat who helped shape Bush’s Middle East policy. “His willingness to be tough on all parties… ushered in a period of intense diplomacy involving Israel and all of the Arab world.”

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