George HW Bush Wrote An Emotional Letter About His Daughter Robin Five Years After Her Death

Stacy Carey

Former First Lady Barbara Bush and President George HW Bush at the George W. Bush Presidential Center opening ceremony

People across the country are paying tribute to former President George H.W. Bush this week as he is laid to rest. Since news of his death emerged, many have been reflecting on his years of service, his dedication to his family, and other memorable aspects of the former United States leader’s life. The ongoing connection he had to his deceased daughter Robin has prompted some very touching stories in the wake of his passing.

As the Inquisitr previously noted, George HW Bush and his wife Barbara had a daughter named Robin who died just prior to her fourth birthday after a battle with leukemia. Robin, whose full name was Pauline Robinson Bush, remained ever present in both George and Barbara’s minds even into their later years.

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