Conservative Icon George Will Predicts The 'Pouting' End Of Donald Trump's Presidency

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Donald Trump will end his presidency just as he began it, longtime conservative commentator George Will predicted in his new column for The Washington Post.

And that is by whining.

Trump is “a practitioner of crybaby conservatism,” Will wrote in the column published Wednesday.

“His presidency that began with a wallow in self-pity probably will end in ignominy when he slinks away pouting, trailing clouds of recriminations, without a trace of John McCain’s graciousness on election night 2008,” he added.

Will also called out the GOP, which he left in mid-2016 as Trump became its presidential nominee.

The Republican Party had “eagerly surrendered its self-respect” in the Trump era, Will lamented, warning that “having hitched its wagon to a plummeting cinder” it “is about to have a rendezvous with a surly electorate wielding a truncheon.”

Will, a vocal opponent of the Trump White House, also suggested Democratic nominee Joe Biden (whom he endorsed in July) could “become the first candidate in 32 years to capture more than 400 electoral votes.”

Read Will’s full column in The Washington Post here.


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