Ga. Baptist pastor denies impeding abuse probes

Mike Stone, a prominent pastor running for the Southern Baptist Convention president position, says claims made by former SBC ethics agency president Russell Moore that he sought to weaken the convention's response to sex abuse were 'outrageous'. (June 11)

Video Transcript

MIKE STONE: I find it somewhat outrageous that these kind of claims would be laid at the feet of someone who is himself-- I am myself-- a survivor of child sexual abuse.

But the Southern Baptist Convention was not and to a large degree is still not set up today to do the kinds of things that Russell Moore wanted to see us doing. The Southern Baptist Convention only exists two days out of the year. We literally do not even exist as a body when we're not in our annual meeting. And therefore, the idea that the Southern Baptist Convention could literally physically do something to help protect children in more than 47,000 local churches is a misleading concept. What we need to be doing is resourcing and equipping those local churches to be safe places for God's children of all ages.