Georgia Elementary School Teacher Allegedly Lined Students Up and Beat Them, Leaving Welts, Bruises; Mother Demands Charges: ‘I’d be In Jail’

A Georgia woman says that her child was hit by a staff member at school, leaving the fourth grader with visible marks and scared to go back.

Britney Walker, the mother of a student who attends Dutchtown Elementary in the Atlanta suburb of Henry County, claimed her daughter Nevaeh and other students were struck in the back while walking out of the classroom after asking a paraprofessional for laptop chargers, according to reports. The employee has not been publicly identified.

“She literally hit us in our backs, and we had two people that saw what happened,” her daughter explained, per 11Alive. “Another teacher came to take us to the quiet room where we could write a statement of what happened.”

Georgia Mom Claims Her Daughter Was Hit By Staff Member at School
Britney Walker says her daughter was hit by a paraprofessional at school. She wants the employee to be fired. (11Alive/Youtube screenshot)

Four other students were also involved in this incident.

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The principal reached out to Walker on Tuesday, which made her go to the school to pick up her child, according to reports. She said she was informed that Nevaeh “wasn’t sexually” but “physically assaulted.”

“Immediately when I looked at her back,” Walker told WSB-TV. “Her back was red, and it looked like someone’s hand lines.”

Photos obtained by the local news station appear to show the scratch marks on the child’s back.

Nevaeh said she and four other students were hit by the paraprofessional. (11Alive/Youtube screenshot)
Nevaeh said she and four other students were hit by the paraprofessional. (11Alive/Youtube screenshot)

Per the outlets, the employee was placed on administrative leave amid an investigation, Henry County Schools said. Walker filed a report at the local police station the next day; however, she wants more accountability.

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She added, “It’s nowhere you can go and assault kids where you don’t go to jail. If I abuse my daughter, I’d be in jail. So why would she be different? She should not be able to ever work in a school system ever again,” 11Alive reported.

In Tennessee, a mother decided to pull her autistic daughter out of school after accusing teachers of verbally assaulting her daughter.

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