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Georgia Lawmaker Arrested As Gov. Brian Kemp Signs New Election Law

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CBS4's Jim Berry reports on the controversial Georgia laws.

Video Transcript

- Georgia State Representative Park Cannon is out of jail tonight. Representative cannon was arrested outside of Governor Brian Kemp's office on Thursday for refusing to stop knocking on his doors in an apparent protest of a Republican led election reform bill that he signed into law. Voting rights advocates call it Jim Crow 2.0.

- And President Joe Biden just released a statement, calling the law a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience.

- The signing of a sweeping Republican backed election law by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, sparking concern among voting rights advocates.

ERICA THOMAS: We are talking about things that are egregious and that are going to hurt the Georgians that we represent.

- Among other provisions, the law adds new voter ID requirements for absentee voting, limits the number of ballot drop boxes, gives the state more power over local election boards, and makes it a crime to give voters standing in line food or water. Georgia Republicans call it the Election Integrity Act.

BRIAN KEMP: Ensuring the integrity of the ballot box isn't partisan.

- Georgia Democrats call it retaliation after former President Trump's defeat there in November.

CLIFF ALBRIGHT: If this law was in place during the most recent elections, then we would have a very different outcome in not just the presidential race, but both of the Senate races that we had in January.

- As of last month, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University counted more than 250 bills aimed at restricting voting introduced in 43 state legislatures. Republicans responding to former President Trump's baseless claims about widespread electoral fraud in his 2020 loss. President Joe Biden has condemned the efforts as un-American.

JEN PSAKI: Like the late Congressman John Lewis said, there's nothing more precious than the right to vote and speak up. The president certainly believes that.

- Senate Democrats and Republicans are currently at odds over a federal voting rights legislation that would set baselines for all states.