Georgia man finds dad dead, but has no phone to call for help. So he just starts drinking

On the morning of Feb. 6, a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy was sent to a home on Tingle Road northeast of High Falls. There was a report of “a deceased person.”

When the deputy got there, after speaking to one of the dead person’s relatives, he went into the house. Downstairs he found the body of a 74-year-old man who’d lived there “cold to the touch, with no pulse,” according to an incident report.

Foul play was not believed to be involved. The dead man had health problems, relatives said, and he refused to take medicine or see a doctor.

The deputy went back upstairs and spoke to one of the man’s sons, who was asleep but who earlier had spoken to another family member and said his dad was dead.

“Once I woke (him) up, I informed him that his father had died, and he stated that he knew,” the deputy’s report noted. “He stated that he last spoke with (his father) on yesterday, and found him dead yesterday.”

Puzzled, the deputy asked the son, in his late 40s, why he hadn’t called 911.

“He stated that he didn’t have a phone,” the write-up went on, “and he had no one helping him. He said he just started drinking.”

Dispatches: A husband and wife on Abernathy Road west of Juliette reported on March 16 that one of their goats was attacked by a pack of dogs. The husband fired shots to scare the dogs but they wouldn’t stop attacking so he shot three of them. The goat and two of the dogs died. . . . A 23-year-old McDonough woman who wrecked her Nissan Sentra along High Falls road Feb. 4 was wobbly on her feet and reportedly so intoxicated that her blood-alcohol level registered .248, three times the legal limit. She was on her way to Savannah and told a sheriff’s deputy that she thought she was in Barnesville. She was seen plowing through a ditch near Marty’s Transmission Shop and also seen weaving down Interstate 75. Cops found a near-empty bottle of Teremana Tequila in her front seat. Parts of her car, including a bumper, were found scattered across the High Falls area. She was jailed on DUI charges.