Georgia man tried to sell teen girl’s location on dark web, cops say. Now he’s in jail

A Jasper County grand jury indicted a Forsyth man last week for allegedly trying to sell information about where a teenager lived on the dark web, court documents show.

Kelly Garret Ivey, 41, is accused of trying to sell the location of a teenage girl on a dark website, according to his indictment filed Aug. 14 in Jasper County Superior Court.

The ad, which was posted at the end of June next to pictures of naked women, offered to sell the information and location of a “17-year-old virgin” from Jasper County, the indictment said. The post also showed pictures of the girl next to the advertisement.

Captain Billy Bryant, the lead investigator of the case for the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, said information about the ad arrived through the FBI’s system for anonymous tips.

After verifying the content of the ad, investigators visited the family’s house. The girl and her family did not know about the ad.

“They were completely caught off guard,” Bryant said. “You feel helpless when something like this happens.”

Investigators eventually linked the ad to Ivey via his accounts and executed a search warrant on his house in Forsyth, according to Bryant.

“The dark web is just like regular internet, anytime you do something, there are ways to backtrack that,” he said.

The dark web is a network of online pages that require certain software or authorization to access. The pages have less security than regular websites and have become hubs for illegal activity since the dark web’s conception in the early internet era.

Bryant could not disclose how Ivey knew the victim, and it was unclear in the indictment if the two knew each other in any way.

Ivey was arrested at his Forsyth home June 30. He is in jail in Jasper County and was formally charged with cruelty to children in the first and second degree, human trafficking and attempting to commit a felony.

The Telegraph will update this story if more information becomes available.