Georgia official: No evidence of irregularities

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's voting system implementation manager and a Republican, says there was 'no evidence of any irregularities' in Tuesday's Senate runoff election. (Jan. 6)

Video Transcript

GABRIEL STERLING: Well, right now, we look at 60,470 that are available to come in for that. That number will go up as they continue to process ballots from the areas they're from. It makes it look like Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of a half a percent to avoid a recount. And obviously, Reverend Warnock is ahead of him right now. So if Ossoff avoids that recount, so-- so does Reverend Warnock.

I mean, this is a runoff. We had 4.3 million votes cast so far, almost 4.4. And we had 5 million cast in general election. That is unheard of. And we had 1.3 million show up yesterday. Part of that was, again, the president encouraging Republicans not to use mail or early-vote options. No evidence of any irregularities-- the-- the biggest thing we've seen is from the president's fertile mind of finding fraud where none exists.