Georgia secretary of state criticizes Trump for continued baseless fraud allegations

At a news conference on Wednesday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger supported the comments made by state election official Gabriel Sterling on Tuesday, saying he “spoke it with passion and he spoke it with truth.” Raffensperger also criticized Trump for continuing to allege election fraud, even after Attorney General William Barr stated the DOJ found no widespread fraud.

Video Transcript

- Good to see you all again. And just to let you know, yes, I didn't know what Gabriel Sterling was going to say yesterday and had our full support. He spoke it with passion and he spoke it with truth. And it's about time that more people are out there speaking with truth. Perhaps, wasn't the exact wording that I would have used, but you caught the essence of it. And he has my full support. I think we have a tremendous team.

But also, Attorney General Barr has stated that he and the Justice Department-- this is President Trump's Justice Department, has seen no widespread fraud. They have had multiple investigations like us, and our investigators have seen no widespread fraud either. Even after this office request that President Trump try and quell the violent rhetoric being borne out of his continuing claims of winning the states where he obviously lost, he tweeted out, "Expose the massive voter fraud in Georgia." This is exactly the kind of language that is at the base of growing threat environment for election workers who are simply doing their jobs. We will continue to do our jobs, follow the law, and follow the process.