Georgians protest GOP bill limiting voting access

GOP lawmakers in Georgia are pushing a bill that would roll back voting access despite objections from civil rights groups gathered at the Capitol after record turnout led to Democratic wins in the presidential election and U.S. Senate runoffs. (March 1)

Video Transcript

ALL: Vote no on HB531.

- Vote no on HB531.

ALL: Vote no on HB531.

JAMES WOODALL: Before the eyes of this country, Georgia is poised to pass some of the most egregious, dangerous, and most expensive voter-suppressive acts in this entire nation. Rolling back years of hard-fought progress and renewing our old reputation for discrimination condoned and abetted by our government.

- Yes.

- Period.

- Period.

- 531 is targeting black voters. And you are targeting black voters because black voters came out in record numbers and flipped this state. We will get our people over these barriers, to those polls, and we will continue to show our strength in numbers.

- That's right.

- My ancestors came to this country in chains. And they were supposed to live a life of servitude. But they fought. They fought just like we're all fighting here today.

ERICK ALLEN: I will be damned if I let the fight of my forefathers-- my ancestors looking at me. And I roll over and lay down and allowed them to do this.

- Yes.

ERICK ALLEN: So we will fight in here.

- Yeah

ERICK ALLEN: You fight out here.

- Yeah.

ERICK ALLEN: And we will win.

ALL: Yes. This is what democracy looks like.