Georgia's Walker, Warnock make final push for votes

STORY: "It is time to put the citizens of America first," said former football star Walker to supporters at a rally in Kennesaw, one day ahead of the highly contested runoff election.

Warnock's campaign event was at a brewery in Atlanta. He paid tribute to his Republican rival Herschel Walker's baseball career before saying the voters will have him "running back to Texas".

The Senate runoff is the second in Georgia in two years. Warnock, a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Atlanta church civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. led, first won his seat in a runoff in January 2021.

Democrats secured effective control of the Senate in the Nov. 8 general election, while Republicans won the U.S. House of Representatives.

More than 1.85 million Georgians have already cast a ballot during an early voting period, which closed on Friday (December 2), according to the Secretary of State's office, and the state set multiple single-day records for early voting last week.

A Raphael Warnock victory would give his party an outright majority of 51 seats in the upper chamber and a measure of sway over committees and judicial appointments. A Walker win would boost Republicans' chances of blocking President Joe Biden's agenda.