Pritzker commutes Gerald Reed's sentence to time served

Reed claimed he was tortured into falsely confessing to a 1990 double murder by Chicago police detectives working for disgraced former Commander Jon Burge.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: The supporters and family of Gerald Reed leave court saying the justice delayed has now been denied, after a Cook County judge reverses an earlier ruling for a new trial and sends a convicted felon who claims he was tortured into confessing back to prison.

AMANDA SHACKLEFORD: I never would have thought that this judge would do what he did today. It just hurts so bad.

EVELYN HOLMES: 14 months ago, a 56-year-old Reed was granted a new trial after Judge Thomas Gaynor overturned his conviction in December of 2018. The reversal came amid claims Reed had been tortured into falsely confessing to a 1990 double murder by Chicago Police detectives working for disgraced former commander Jon. Burge

AISLINN PULLEY: Gerald was tortured 29 years ago, and he was tortured again today.

EVELYN HOLMES: Reed has continued to claim that one of Burge's detectives kicked him so hard in the leg, it dislodged a titanium rod holding his fractured femur together.

BRIAN RAGSDALE: Justice will be served.

- Yes.

BRIAN RAGSDALE: We cried today, we will fight tomorrow.

- That's right.

EVELYN HOLMES: At Friday's hearing before Judge Thomas Henley, who now took over the case after the other judge retired, not only vacated Gaynor's prior decision, but also ruled Reed should serve out his sentence of two life terms.

LARRY DREYFUS: The legal issue is whether or not this court actually had jurisdiction to make this ruling at this stage of the proceedings.

EVELYN HOLMES: Now, while Reed's attorneys say their client was completely blindsided and deeply disappointed by today's ruling, his supporters say they were shocked as well and are hoping that Cook County's chief judge, Timothy, Evans, can do something about it.