Geraldo Rivera Scolds Sean Hannity For ‘Deeply Insulting’ Ad Attacking Joe Biden

Fox News’ Sean Hannity was taken to task on his own show by Geraldo Rivera for airing an attack ad accusing President Joe Biden of cognitive decline.

Hannity parroted the right-wing talking point that Biden is mentally unfit for office by comparing footage of the president’s speeches over the years with a new spot released by the Republican National Committee that highlighted his pauses during last week’s marathon news conference.

“I think the montage you put together of the 46th president was deeply insulting and highly political,” Rivera, a veteran pundit on the conservative network, told Hannity on Tuesday.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino sided with fellow Donald Trump acolyte Hannity. “I cannot believe you’re going to die on this hill,” he told Rivera, later adding: “Admit the guy is cognitively compromised, drop the loss, and let’s move on. It is a dying argument.”

Rivera accused Bongino of being “shocking and outrageous,” calling the smear a “political diagnosis.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.