Some Gerber powdered baby formula is recalled for possible bacterial contamination

An infant-formula manufacturer is recalling some Gerber baby formula potentially contaminated with a bacteria than can make babies seriously ill.

The company, Perrigo, issued a voluntary recall Friday of certain lots of Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powdered Infant Formula that were made at the company’s plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, between Jan. 2 and Jan. 18 and sold after March 5. The company said the recall was a cautionary move because of potential contamination by the bacteria Cronobactyer sakazakii.

The bacteria can cause diarrhea and urinary tract infections in people of all ages and can be very serious in infants, health officials said.

The company said none of the product that was distributed has tested positive for the presence of the bacteria and no cases of illness have been reported.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services issued a press release about the recall Saturday and said no cases of infection linked to the bacteria have been reported in the state.

NCDHHS said the first symptoms of this type of bacterial infection are usually a fever and poor appetite, excessive crying or very low energy. Anyone with a child experiencing such symptoms should immediately contact a medical provider, health officials said.

Anyone who bought Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powdered Infant Formula after March 5 should check the “lot codes” and “use by” dates on the bottom of the canister. Three sizes of the product are affected, but the company said only these lot codes are affected by the recall; others remain safe to use.

Do not use the formula if the canister has one of these codes. Return the item to the store for replacement. If the item came from a WIC agency, return it there.

These are lot codes and use-by dates under recall:

Gerber Good Start SoothePro 12.4-ounce:

300357651Z – USE BY 04JUL2024

300457651Z – USE BY 05JUL2024

300557651Z – USE BY 06JUL2024

300557652Z – USE BY 06JUL2024

300757651Z – USE BY 08JUL2024

300857651Z – USE BY 09JUL2024

301057651Z – USE BY 11JUL2024

301057652Z – USE BY 11JUL2024

301157651Z – USE BY 12JUL2024

Gerber Good Start SoothePro 30.6-ounce:

301357652Z – USE BY 14JUL2024

301457652Z – USE BY 15JUL2024

301557651Z – USE BY 16JUL2024

Gerber Good Start SoothePro 19.4-ounce:

301557652Z – USE BY 16JUL2024

Parents and caregivers can also contact the Gerber Parent Resource Center at 1-800-777-7690 to learn more, or to request refunds.