Germaine Pratt responds to viral postgame video after AFC title game loss

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Germaine Pratt has responded to the viral video of him right after his team’s loss in the AFC title game to the Kansas City Chiefs.

In that video, Pratt was seen walking to the locker room screaming, asking why teammate Joseph Ossai would touch the quarterback on that now-infamous roughing-the-passer penalty that put the Chiefs in field goal range.

On an Instagram video of that moment, Pratt wrote the following in the comment:

“Yep ppl will post anything on social media for likes and views. I have real feelings sometimes they are raw. If you love something as much I do sometimes things will be said in the heated of the moment. But I know what type of teammate I am. And what type of man I am. Trust me no love lost Im hurt. Remember some ppl with hate you, rate you and shake you and try to break you but I will stand tall like always.”

Prior to this social media and access age, fans probably never hear one of these candid moments between players right after a loss. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, but these sorts of things happen in locker rooms. So while this might paint Pratt in a bad light, there has never been a negative peep out of the organization about him or the locker room as a whole.

Given that, it was nice to see Pratt respond quickly once the moment got out. He, like many others, now steps into the spotlight as a key point of the offseason with him slated to be a free agent.


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Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire