Germaine Pratt tweet says it all about what Bengals should do in free agency

Before his impending trip to free agency, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Germaine Pratt has made it clear he wants to be back wth the team next season.

Easier said than done for the Bengals, but Pratt made a funny comment this week while replying on a post asking which position the Bengals should spend a big chunk of cash on in free agency.

Pratt says linebacker, implying bringing him back. That might be feasible if the projected market at an average annual value of $10.6 million from Spotrac ends up true. But with the team focused on an extension for Joe Burrow and other big names to potentially retain, they team might end up letting a tandem of Akeem Davis-Gaither, Markus Bailey and others step in as replacements.

Either way, it’s another small sign Pratt wants to be back, which isn’t a bad thing for a team that wants to keep contending while retaining as much of the core as possible.


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Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire