German couple sets record for Christmas trees

This German household has

taken Christmas to a new level

They've set up 444 Christmas trees

for a new world record

"Hello, my name is Thomas Jeromin, I am 55 years-old and I really do have the World Record for having the most Christmas trees in one place."

Thomas and Susanne Jeromin

have done this for ten years

Their latest display features

10,000 Christmas balls

Along with 300 strings

of fairy lights across their house

And no two trees are the same

"Dear family Jeromin, the German World Record Institute confirms the new World Record, 444 decorated Christmas trees, and here is your certificate. Well done!"

"Made it! Yes!"

The couple begin preparations

months before Christmas

To have it ready for the first

Advent Day in Germany

The family hopes to continue

this tradition into the future

As they've yet to face any threat

to their world dominance