Germans dance the cold away

STORY: These Germans are trying

to dance the cold away

amid Europe's energy crisis

It's part of an initiative called

'Let's move - Tanzt Euch warm'

which translates to 'warm up by dancing'

They meet at this concert house every week

to brave sinking temperatures together

(Fabian Brunner, Swing Instructor)

"So at the moment it's getting colder and colder outside. And that's a question for many people, including me, how we do things at home now. I'm thinking about how low I turn the heating. What is good? What should I wear? Dancing definitely helps because it really warms you up. So you can dance yourself warm, for example, by taking up the swinging, this bounce that you have all the time, or a triple step, bam-ba-bam-ba-bam."

Dance professionals help guide

participants through the steps

and the dance style rotates by the week

(Lina Jeske, Participant)

"I think it's a good idea to be able to link something positive with it - with the fact that there are now problems with the climate or the energy crisis and such. So yes, I wanted to try something like this with my friend."

If the classes prove popular, the program

will expand throughout the winter