Germantown Church Hosts COVID-19 Vaccination Site Unlike Any Other

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript


JESSICA KARTALIJA: In Germantown, a church served as host for a pop-up vaccination clinic for seniors today but with a special twist. Alecia Reid is live with the story. Hi, Alecia.

ALECIA REID: Hey, Jess. This pop-up vaccination site wasn't like any we've ever seen. They rolled out the red carpet for all the seniors here in Germantown that came out today.


ALECIA REID: It's a celebration, and the future looks bright.

SHEENA THOMPSON: You want to get people out to the community? You throw a party. And then you put red carpet on it. They're going to show up.

ALECIA REID: A festive spirit and goodie bags for all. The neighborhood came together, amid rising infection rates, to ensure some hesitant seniors received critically-needed shots in their arms.

LENORA GAILLARD: And in this Germantown community, no one has really been in this community to vaccinate.

ALECIA REID: Lenora Gaillard got her vaccine so she can see and play with her grandchildren. One after the other, folks sat with medical professionals at the First Presbyterian Church in Germantown.

LAVAL WILLIAMS: It was easy as ever. And I really expected there to be lines, but it was very, very easy.

ALECIA REID: To top it off, there were goodie bags with treats like diapers and wipes for those who plan to have children over some time soon.

BROOKE SMITH: It's just a really great thing. I want be right in the middle of it to make sure that everybody is taken care of.

ALECIA REID: While grateful for this opportunity, the hope is that it will inspire other communities.

LARRY BENJAMIN: When you have peers and your neighbors and people you trust giving you this message and driving this kind of event, you get more success. Try to encourage more people to make this more grassroots and take control and set up these events.

ALECIA REID: Organizers say it took about a month to put this together, and it was completely run by volunteers.

Reporting live from Germantown, Alecia Reid, CBS3 Eyewitness News.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Alecia, thank you.