Germany extends lockdown in Guetersloh

Locals in one German district found themselves still under lockdown on Tuesday (June 30),

That after authorities extended restrictions for another week as a precaution following the recent spread of coronavirus through a slaughterhouse.

While the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet said restrictions would stay in place in Guetersloh for now, he did say the local outbreak was under control.

"We know that the number of people who tested positive did not rise among the population and yet we ask people to respect this lockdown."

A lockdown in the neighbouring district of Warendorf was lifted on Tuesday as the number of positive tests there was lower than in Guetersloh.

Around 600,000 in both districts were forced back into lockdown on June 23.

It happened after more than 1500 workers at a meat processing plant tested positive for the new virus.

Laschet said the situation was brought under control due to widespread testing and restrictive measures.

The abattoir viral spread caused a debate about standards in Germany's food industry.

Authorities said last week that they were making progress towards introducing an animal welfare levy.

It would be one of several measures aimed at cleaning up the meat trade.