Getting Warmer And Warmer!

Enjoy the much warmer temps. We all deserve it!

Video Transcript

- Well, we finally made it to the weekend. Hallelujah. Scott Padgett, the warm up will be welcome, without question.

SCOTT PADGETT Absolutely. We're all waiting for this warm up. We did see it today. We finally broke that consecutive below-freezing streak. 139 hours is what we experienced as we went through this week, the really cold air that was in place. But it's not a record breaking.

The record is 295 hours back in December of 1983. But we are tied for fifth now, including back in 1996 at 139 hours. So we saw the sunshine today. It's been a cold start to the month. The average temperature so far, 34.7 degrees. It's the fourth-coldest start to February in history.

The forward skycam time lapse shows the Trinity River there had some ice. That thawed out pretty quick. We also have some video to show you of the melting away that was happening. And, yeah, we are all walking through the slush today and also seeing a lot of that water draining its way into the sewers for us. So that's what we've been seeing as we've gone through the day.

That will continue for tomorrow. However, tonight, yeah, we have temperatures that are now dropping below freezing. So as you were driving around, you saw a lot of water on the roadways. We're now at 31 degrees at DFW with a southerly wind at 11. But we're feeling like 22. So you still need to bundle up if you're going to be outside. And we're not done cooling down.

Across the Metroplex, we're at 27, Mckenny, 29, right now, in Denton. This pink line is the freezing line. We're at 30 in Fort Worth to 30 in Burleson. And overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we're going to be down into the mid to the low 20s. So not as cold as how we started out this morning we started out at 15. So we're going to be almost 10 degrees warmer than this morning.

And you can see, by tomorrow morning all across North Texas, it's going to be a cold one. We're going to be, though, seeing temperatures warming back up well above average into-- well, not above average, but we've been the past few days. Thanks to this area of high pressure off to the east, we have a southerly flow at the surface holding on. And that allows us to see that really influence of the southerly wind that also will bring more moisture into the area.

So cloud cover on Sunday morning, maybe some drizzle around. Cold front will then slide its way through. And I do expect to see a relatively nice end to the weekend and beginning of next week. But tomorrow morning, black ice is possible. We'll see 46 as the high temperature. Then, by Sunday, we make it up to 56 degrees. But look at the surface winds out of the southwest, near about 20 miles per hour.

That's before the front moves through. And that's all. We will see some drizzle around mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. And then into Monday, we see 62 degrees and sunny skies remaining in the forecast. So it's going to be a pretty nice seven-day forecast ahead. But I do want to point out, Saturday, we make it to 46. But we don't drop below freezing on Sunday morning.

That's going to be very nice. We continue this nice warm up into next week. We will see 67 degrees for the high on Tuesday down to about 49 before we warm up to near 70 degrees on Wednesday. We do have another cold front on the way. But don't worry. It's not an Arctic front.

It moves through, brings a rain chance in the forecast on Thursday and Friday. It's just liquid rain. Because our high temperature is going to be at 54, and by Friday, seeing 53. So slightly below average. But, Doug-- not Doug-- not an Arctic invasion on the way.

- I was going to say, bring that kind of cold front. We'll take that every day. Scott, thank you so much.