GETTR explodes, passing 1.5 million users in just 11 days

GETTR explodes, passing 1.5 million users in just 11 days
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The new social media platform GETTR, created by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller and allies, has passed 1.5 million users in record time and is poised for "substantial growth," according to a new survey.

A Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll, provided to Secrets, found that few Republicans have yet to hear about GETTR, but two-thirds of those who have are on it or are planning to sign up.

While still being introduced in the social media world, the survey said that 15% of Republicans are already aware of the chatty site.

“Despite low level of awareness, new platform GETTR has high conversion rate and has an opportunity for substantial growth,” said the analysis of the poll. It was not commissioned by GETTR.

“Given its promise of free speech and independent thought, GETTR appears to be a new social media platform that would fit the needs of Republicans tired of Facebook and Twitter,” said the analysis.

Pollster Tony Fabrizo told Secrets, "Overall, 15% have heard something about GETTR and of that 15%, 2% say they’ve already joined and another 8% say they plan on joining with 5% saying they won’t join. So 10% have or will join out of 15% which has them converting 2 out of 3 GOPers who are aware of it. Among Trump voters in the 2024 primary ballot, 20% are aware of GETTR with 3% having joined, 15% who will join and 5% who won’t. That is 15% out of 20% or a conversion rate of 3 in 4."

Miller, currently on a national tour to promote the site, said that it hit 1.5 million users faster than any competitor, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It launched on July Fourth in a hat-tip to Independence Day, promising free speech. Initially, it faced glitches and a brief hack, but the problems are settling out, and it has become the go-to site for the Trump Team, top conservative media and GOP voices, and even global users also targeted in the worldwide liberal social media “cancel culture.”

For example, Miller noted that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his politician son Flavio are regulars on GETTR, using it to reach their conservative base.

“We’re just starting,” said Miller, who has promoted the site to conservative audiences including CPAC and Senate GOP leaders. He is set to present it at this weekend’s Turning Point USA convention of young leaders in Tampa, Florida.

Unlike some competitors, GETTR has a moderator filter to weed out hate, pornography, and threats. It plans to add some features, including the ability to contribute directly to campaigns and to “tip” users.

It is like Twitter, offering 777 characters and advanced video capabilities. It is easy for Twitter users to sign up because it imports their information when creating a GETTR account. Like Twitter, it provides a verification check to highly trafficked users, providing a red “V.”

Its most recent big account to sign up was Newsmax.

While Trump himself isn't on the site — yet — Fabrizio said his audience is. "No question that there is an overlap between Trump, Trump supporters, and potential GETTR users," he said.

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