Ghost behaviorist films supernatural apparition at Oliver House

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May 14—Chris Bores recently stumbled across the "holy grail" of paranormal activity at the Oliver House — a ghost manifesting on command.

The Toledo-based ghost behaviorist said he caught a ghostly hand materializing in the physical realm while filming an episode for his Ghost Doctor YouTube channel.

"When you ask a spirit to manifest it takes a lot out of them. There are a certain set of requirements that have to be met in order for them to break into our world, and while I didn't see them at the time, they did manifest on film," Mr. Bores said. "So my videos picked up the images."

Mr. Bores started his journey as a ghost hunter more than 10 years ago, and was approached by the Oliver House in 2020, when he was asked to "come in and see what I could find," he said.

"I intended on doing a 10-minute video for YouTube but I got so much evidence that this episode's run time is 40 minutes long and it's just a complete roller coaster ride of paranormal activity," he continued. "It's just amazing what I ended up catching there."

Mr. Bores said the Oliver House has been very "private" over the years in regard to otherworldly guests. Representatives could not be reached for comment this week.

"They haven't let anyone in over 10 years, they're very protective of the spirits in their building. They saw my work and allowed me to come in. ... They've never done anything like this where they've allowed a camera crew in to film a proper ghost hunt," Mr. Bores said.


Mr. Bores's fully documented interaction, which took place on Feb. 26, an be viewed on his YouTube channel, where he has 3,007 subscribers. He described the footage from the Oliver House as cutting-edge.

"Usually on these ghost hunting shows they have the night vision on but I didn't have any on. For the first time, we're capturing the actual color of these spirits and this particular spirit was green. What's significant about that is if you research the Islamic spiritual beliefs, you'll find they have different colors associated with different kinds of spirits. The color green is associated with very young spirits which range from just after death to a couple of hundred years old. The spirit I was talking to fits into the time frame of being 150 years old, so she confirms that belief spirit," he said.

Mr. Bores said he credits his anomaly of an experience to his methodology, as he's been perfecting the rules of engagement for the spiritual world.

"I had to label myself a ghost behaviorist and I am the world's first. I created this moniker because what I do goes far beyond what a ghost hunter does. I study the behavior patterns of spirits and I do this by applying psychology, sociology, ancient texts which all help me to get some of the longest interactions with spirits you've ever seen," he said.

His affinity for ghost hunting began in 2004, as the field began to gain traction on nationally syndicated television.

"I was a big fan of watching all of these ghost hunting shows when they exploded on the scene around 2004. They [the televised ghost hunters] showed us that there was a systemic approach to coming at the paranormal field. The problem was when 2010 hit the entire field as a whole kind of hit a wall and no one knew where to take the genre next," he said. Mr. Bores further explained that the paranormal field was beginning to become stagnant with few to no developments in research or experiences with paranormal activity.

In 2012, Mr. Bores took his methodology of including social sciences to the paranormal field at the St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Fla.

To his surprise, not only did the methodology succeed but that particular experience set the foundation for the system he now uses when engaging with spirits.

"I ended up getting a 90-minute interaction with a spirit and it blew everyone involved away. Even the tour guide was astonished and I knew I was onto something. For nine years I've been refining that approach and figuring out what works and what doesn't. I was the ghost hunting tour guide at the Collingwood Arts Center for five years and I really honed in my approach by interacting with the spirits there. That place is really haunted."

Mr. Bores said over the past decade, he's engaged spirits in very personal ways and as a result, he learned more about their way of life.

"I started learning things about the spirit world I've never heard before. Things like there are rules to the after-life that they have to follow. I've found that spirits cannot see in the dark. I've learned that they're omnipresent and can travel just about any place that they can please. I've added this knowledge to my approach and it just helps me build a comfort level with them to get even more interaction," he said.

Mr. Bores said he interacted with six different spirits at the Oliver House.

"I used to think Collingwood [Arts Center] was the most haunted building in Toledo and by far it is the Oliver House. At Collingwood, it took me a few tries to get interaction because the spirits had to warm up to me. As soon as I walked into the door at the Oliver House paranormal activity started to make itself known," he said.

First Published May 14, 2021, 9:00am

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