'Ghost Bike' In Honor Of Cyclist Killed In Cambridge Burned In Fire

A “ghost bike” in honor of a bicyclist killed in Cambridge was set on fire Thursday night and police are trying to find out who’s responsible.

Video Transcript

- A tribute to a cyclist who was hit and killed was torched last night in Cambridge. Firefighters say when they arrived, the "ghost bike" was on fire.

- Now, it has been repaired. But vandalizing that ghost bike that sits in Porter Square as a tribute to Joe Lavins feels like an affront to his friends. He was killed there in 2016.

Today, Lavins' friend from the Somerville Bike Committee fixed the damage. And we spoke with the founder of Ghost Bikes Boston, who says he found out about the vandalism on social media.

PETER CHEUNG: I was very upset. I was very upset. And the bicycle community is very upset. Everyone's really upset. But, hopefully, it's just a random act of vandalism and not anything against cyclists, and real specific bike rage against bicycle riders in the city.

- And that's what police want to know. They are still looking now for the person who set that ghost bike on fire.